makes you nostalgic for a past that isn't yours
a serious man
same energy in every coen brothers movie. tepidly pretentious 
i'd put jean cocteau in my pocket like a baby chick. good film 
zach galifianakis live at the purple onion
not very funny but the dude is hella likable, what can i say 
100 humans
psychology is cool but won't give them any credit
twin peaks: fire walk with me
thank god for Lynch
a dinner for schmucks 
filminho de sessão da tarde, but embarrassingly did shed a tear
all the boys are called patrick 
godard's simplicity here is charming but also lackluster
the mind, explained
exactly what you'd expect, which can be a little disappointing. overall it is not
pete davidson: alive from new york
would be better without the eggshells
the black balloon (2012)
wasp meets the red balloon in nyc. it has style but nothing else 
bill burr: paper tiger
could use some fucking eggshells 
can't think of a finger i wouldn't give to watch this for the first time again
toc toc
mental illnesses as comedy. funny if you're high on sleep deprivation or otherwise 
lazzaro felice
great. weird urge to slap that kid across the face but great movie
the kominsky method
almost makes aging seem bearable. negligible hints of misogyny? 
i usually lose interest when things get magical, but was too spellbound to care 
i lost my body
can't deny quality but had a hard time looking past the pomposity at times
le quattro volte
one of those films that make you want to make films
corpo celeste
people are dumb but alice's great
never look away
feels like a sin to even think about complaining about what bothers me because, god, does the good outweigh the bad
sky ladder: the art of cai guo-qiang
surprisingly anxiety-inducing, i just wanted to see some art
hollywood (2020)
cézanne et moi
it's got the right sentiment
have a good trip 
never had a bucket list but sure do now. shrooms at the van gogh museum? genius
when they see us 
8:46 - Dave Chappelle
black mother
and when i die, i won't stay dead
a vida invisível de eurídice gusmão
thank god for women and for brazil and for Fernanda Montenegro, perfect embodiment of both 
rolling thunder revue
feels a little long and scattered but i don’t think Scorsese can make a bad movie 
house m.d. (season 8)
i put off watching the last season for 8 years bc i didn’t want to let go of the only piece left of my adolescence 
the midnight gospel
not into the loud humor at all. otherwise brilliant
a ghost story
tries too hard, typical of a24 (<3), but it sticks with ya! time, man! 
speaking of humor, this is how it’s done
this is it
a much-needed rewatch to be reminded of love and purpose and the biggest soul there ever was
uncut gems
good to see adam sandler actually act
the meyerowitz stories
not sure its quirkiness justifies its blandness 
o filme da minha vida
pretty good but i can’t ever watch anything without thinking of what it’s trying to be and the disparity here was a little distracting
true story
james franco gets a gold star
basquiat (1996)
gee, ignorant art, bruno... always a fun time
the discovery 
ruining a promising idea 101
reflexões de um liquidificador 
nice! the perfect level of not taking itself seriously to not come across as pretentious (which is something that bothers me… apparently… wya Freud) 
a couple of nice looking shots in there i guess
mi obra maestra 
long live the avant-garde 
cinema, aspirins and vultures
realism at its best
the distinguished citizen
perfect portrayal of corny south american towns and it makes me smile  
la misma sangre
it just kept getting worse 
the little prince (2015)
they managed not to ruin it!!!
vivir dos veces
probably would've liked it if the supporting actors weren't shit
a sun
so fucking good, broken heart and all 
spirited away
it's one of those days
the hater
#relevant, blah blah blah 
all day and a night
the stuff empathy is made of 
haven't seen a movie this pointless in a long time
the tenth man
a masterpiece compared to the last one, but what's with all the futile non-action?
filmmaking so good it distracted me from the film 
taxi (2015)
i really need to devote more of my time to iranian cinema 
pacing's a little off but hey
l'invitée (de Beauvoir)
makes me feel like a fraud but it's so worth it 
metamorphosis (Kafka)
it is what it is, but what else could it be? still don't love it but is that the point
the bell jar (Plath)
late to the party but the party's mine 
i'm thinking of ending things