Walking Etiquette, or How To Be A Decent Human
- Do not walk in the middle of the sidewalk, as this means people behind you cannot pass you on either side. Pick a side and stick to it. 
- Do not walk diagonally. If you’re walking straight, do that. If you want to turn, turn 90 degrees. 
- If you’re walking in a group side by side, make sure you’re not occupying the entire width of the sidewalk. If you are, walk in a line instead. 
- Under no circumstances should you stop to talk, use your phone, point at the sky in the middle of the sidewalk. Find the nearest wall and stand next to it. 
- If you're walking slowly, don't suddenly pick up your pace when you notice someone trying to pass you. Maintain your speed. 
- If you're a fast walker, don't breathe down a slow walker’s neck. Go around them. 
- If the fast walker does not have enough space to go around the slow walker, it is the slow walker’s responsibility to move further to the side, if possible, or to stop and let the fast walker pass.