1995: Jeito Faceiro, by Olodum
1996: Garota Nacional, by Skank

1997: Cabecinha No Ombro, by Almir Sater
1998: My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion

1999: Era Uma Vez, by Sandy & Junior
2000: Canção De Ninar Meu Bem, by Ronnie Von
2001: Rato, by Palavra Cantada
2002: Ragatanga, by Rouge 
2003: Paisagem Da Janela, by Milton Nascimento
2004: Vou Deixar, by Skank
2005: Tô Te Dando Mole, by Kelly Key 
2006: Tras de Mí, by RBD 
2007: All About You, by McFly
2008: Falling In Love, by McFly
2009: Soon We'll Be Found, by Sia 
2010: Re: Stacks, by Bon Iver
2011: Video Games, by Lana Del Rey
2012: I Put A Spell On You, by Creedence Clearwater Revival
2013: Digital Kids, by Vicktor Taiwò
2014: Video Girl, by FKA Twigs
2015: Space Song, by Beach House
2016: Here, There And Everywhere, by The Beatles
2017: Lover, You Should've Come Over, by Jeff Buckley
2018: Oh! Darling, by The Beatles
2019: As Night Is Falling, by The Clientele
2020: Bow Down And Die, by The Almighty Defenders
2021: Rides Through The Morning, by Michael Nau
2022: Heaven, by The Rolling Stones
2023: London London, by Caetano Veloso